I’m Sorry, But I had to shoot the cat

Nope, I’m not an animal person, not at all, in fact I haven’t changed much from the last time I lambasted PAWS, that was 5 years ago. Today I was just reading a very touching request by PAWS (a shelter home for rescued animals in Kuwait) who are being asked to vacate their current premises within two months due to personal difference with the land owner. This move is going to cost them 12,000 Dinars (42,500US$) If they fail to collect this amount in the next 2 months approximately 100 dogs and 80 cats will be homeless / starve to death or may be some a-hole with a bb-gun (or a real one) will shoot them for fun just like the boys who shot 10 people in Jahra … for Fun.

Anyways, As much as I hate feral cats / Dogs being ‘rescued’ and fed until they have forgotten God-given natural ability to hunt and scavenge this calls for some action from bloggers, if you are an animal lover (or if this cute dog video make you go aww!) please do spread the word or go one step further and spare a dinar or two.

In other news, the cat on my floor was forced to shift home today, the Egyptian neighbor who was away on summer vacation is back and chased the ‘cat & Fly’. The kittens can barely walk and I found them on the second floor, If rule of Egyptian human nature applies these kittens may not live for long.

Too bad I can’t call PAWS to help 😥

P.S: No cats were shot while writing this post, thanks for reading.


One comment on “I’m Sorry, But I had to shoot the cat

  1. LOL, GreY, you hate these strays, yet you publicize their call for help. You ARE a decent man.

    Our cat was once feral. We keep him away from very little children and adults who are afraid of cats. He is a good cat, but if spooked his wild instincts can kick in. I have the scars to prove it. Under normal conditions, he lights up our lives; AdventureMan says he naps better when the Qatari Cat is next to him, burring. 🙂

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