Back to School

I remember my first day at school after the summer vacation, there was never a doubt in my mind that the day would go bad as I never completed my homework and teachers would beat the crap out of me. Well things are different today, kids don’t get beaten by teachers over homework anymore, at least my kid has a genuine reason because he has a fractured arm. This morning has been frantic, It feels so weird to hit the bed at 9pm just so that we wake up at 5.30am. But despite few hiccups we managed to reach the school in time, traffic is still at ease as many schools are yet to re-open.

Now that he’s back in school I have most valued time on my hand, no more baby sitting, no more disturbances while I browse the internet aimlessly, no more ‘I’m bored, play with me’ orders. Yay! It’s freedom…

But I hate the calm, the house is soooo quite without him.. I miss him already..


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