100 Word Review : Real Steel (2011)

I haven’t been watching any movies lately as I am too occupied with ‘Ze Internet’. Today I watched ‘Real Steel’ starring Hugh Jackman, I know the movie is a bit old but I thought of writing a 100 word review of it, better late than never right? (Hopefully this is the first of many 100 word movie / Music reviews) 

  ‘Real steel’ (2011) is yet another father & Son bonding movie with a twist, set in 2020 where robots have replaced humans in boxing, a highly self-centered Charlie who is an ex-boxer is entrusted with his estranged son Max. The kid discovers an abandoned Robot ‘Atom’ who is trained to be a Robo-boxer  goes on to win ‘Every’ game eventually bonding the father and son duo. 

The story-line is very weak, the supporting characters even weaker. The CGI effects are tolerable if it isn’t for Hugh Jackman the movie has nothing much to talk about.
Rating: 2.5 / 5


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