Alice, Who the ____ is Alice?

Can you hate someone without even knowing them personally? Yes you can, because it is the age of internet and everyone feels macho behind the screen (even if he is crippled and typing with just one finger) I am no stranger to abuse, I have had enough nights of sleep lost over flame wars on social media usually because I am of the opinion that certain genre of music sucks. Though I have ‘rehabilitated’ myself from social media I still get abused every day because of certain comment I left about Ozzy Osborne long time ago.  That is how I usually start my day, reading abuse 😆

But is ‘hate without reason’ limited to online world alone? Not really, we humans by nature are prejudiced towards people because of their appearance and race. I often experience this (especially at restaurants) people are just outright rude when I approach them even if I am paying the same amount of money.  I assume there must be an invisible signboard on my forehead which reads ‘Hate this guy for no reason

Why I wrote this? I’ve been watching Masterchef Australia (Season 4) on Star World for a while now, and there is this contestant whom I can’t stand, I mean I literally loathe her presence on the show, though my wife is baffled at my attitude towards Alice, I can’t explain to her that I can read the  ‘Hate Alice’ sign on her head. Why I am being judgmental  enough to hate Alice Zalsavsky and want her to get eliminated from the show without even knowing her? I don’t know, may be I have a tendency to hate successful people .

Anyways, if you hate someone for no reasons, do not be surprised, we are built to do that I guess. But if someone hates you for no reason, assume that You are successful and you must be doing something right.

P.S: I still think that Ozzy Can’t Sing.


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