Why do Supermarkets in Kuwait litter so much?

Food industry is huge in Kuwait, thanks to the high demand for food products, apart from numerous government-run ‘Jamiyaa’s (Co-Operative Society) Kuwait is now host for big supermarkets like Carrefour, City Centre, Sultan Centre, Geant, Gulf Mart, AG Mart, Lulu Hypermarket to name a few. The result is cutthroat competition among these competitors, which is a good thing because eventually the customers are the beneficiaries. 

But the downside of it is mindless marketing which is resulting in litter, just look at the picture, this is my floor, every day these supermarkets mentioned above drop leaflets in front of every door in our building. After initial enthusiasm me and my neighbors got tired of picking them everyday. Now we just push them down  the stairs as none of us are cardio friendly and don’t take stairs hence turning the stairs into a garbage dump. Which makes me wonder how much money these supermarkets must be spending on printing which no one cares to read? 

Isn’t there other ways to market effectively rather than litter on streets? I agree that no one reads newspapers these days and it is not a good marketing strategy to post full-page ads. But there are other alternatives like e-mails or issuing an instant membership card (like the game shops) hence automatically including the buyer in the ‘lucky draw’ rather than making them write 500 coupons at the counter with a germ infested pen Or even go one step ahead and hire door-to-door sales representatives who will issue membership cards so that the supermarket can keep a track of customers’ area wise. There are hundreds of ways to improve sales rather than wasting shit load of money on paper prints right? Why no one is thinking out of the box? 

Also what’s with wasting money on plastic bags? If the baggers are taught ‘how to bag economically’ a LOT of money can saved and also save Kuwait from plastic litter.



7 comments on “Why do Supermarkets in Kuwait litter so much?

  1. There’s a lot to be said about littering and pollution in Kuwait. To cut down a little, get your building to forbid these people from walking in! If every building did that in Kuwait, they would eventually print less flyers and maybe resort to different marketing strategies.

    The plastic bag issue needs nation wide awareness. It’s not enough to have places like Carrefour simply nudge the shopper. “Spend money on this reusable bag” just doesn’t work! Charging shoppers for each bag WILL make a difference. The One is doing. Co-ops should start doing that too.

    • Totally agree with you,

      Last time I was in Bombay I was surprised to see that shops were charging for bags (hence people got their own bags to carry groceries) In fact I remember when I was a kid we used to carry our own bag (made of cloth) to get groceries, it’s time to go back to a plastic less world.

      BTW just today I read, Delhi Govt has completely banned the use / production of plastic bags,

      I Wish Kuwait could take this positive step too.

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