Mall Review: Al Bairaq Mall – Kuwait

Three years (not) too late  finally I made up my mind to visit Al Bairaq Mall in Egaila Kuwait. If you are an expat and have lived your entire life in Salmiya without venturing anywhere ‘outside’ (like me) this is a good place to start with. It was quite difficult to navigate this place  but thanks to google maps finally we were able to locate the mall. It’s a massive mall consisting of 4 floors of shopping and Multiplex Cinema with ample of space for free parking. The best thing I liked about Al Bairaq Mall is that it has variety; from Gucci to H&M to Centre Point it’s quite a shopping experience for people from every walk of life. If you are an ‘economical’ shopper this is a must visit place. 

 The crowd is a ‘little different’ from the usual crowd you get to see at other malls in Kuwait, because of which I didn’t dare to click any pictures. The last time I tried to take a picture (of my wife) inside a mall in Fahaheel I was attacked by a one-eyed Ninja, you know what I mean?  The mall is sparkling clean, and the ‘passive smoke’ factor is considerably low compared to the toxic air you breathe in other popular malls of Kuwait. The essential (junk) food-court has a wide variety of flavors like KFC, Pizza Hut, Subs&Wraps and the new addition Rock House Sliders to name a few. Also there is a small ice skating rink

The toilets are clean, only issue is they don’t keep tissue papers inside toilet, so if you are a westerner you might wanna carry ample of tissue with you. 

In all, it was one awesome experience doing something different from our Friday routine (i.e ‘let’s go to ______ mall and eat Shawarma’) I Would definitely want to visit Al Bairaq often, also this place will soon become a major ‘shopping joint’ as I discovered two more new malls (Al Lilwan and Gate Mall which is under construction) on my way back.

(Check Pics here)


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