What does your child think you do for a living?

My laptop conked out yesterday, took it to the repairers at Hawalli accompanied by my kid and wife, on our way back my son kept insisting that we should listen to our respective bosses so that his toy supply doesn’t stop. Since we haven’t really explained to our son about the nature of our work, we were curious to know what he thinks we do for a living.

‘What work Mom does in the office? I asked

‘She flushes’ was the immediate reply

‘Really? What else she does in the office?

‘She cleans the floor, and cleans the table’ replied my son without a shadow of doubt.

‘You mean to say I’m a maid? Do you know what daddy does at work? Asked my wife

‘He kills insects’ replied the 5-year-old

What else? Insisted my wife controlling her laugh

‘He also waters the plants ’ said AJ

A maid and a Gardener,  that’s what our son thinks we do for a living  😛



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