5 reasons why I can’t win Wataniya Telecom’s 10,000KD prize money

I wonder what’s the amount of money Wataniya Telecom is willing to throw away to capture the Kuwait market. Wataniya has been spamming me to death via SMS to recharge my credit in order to win 10,000 KD EVERYDAY. That’s a shit-load of money to give away ‘everyday’ right? As much as it is tempting and my chances of winning are as good as getting struck by a lightening, here are 5 reasons why I can’t recharge more than 5Kd a month even if I want to.

1. I am not a social animal, hence got no/few friends. No friends = No recharge

2. When I want to call someone locally I use the land-line Or give a missed call if the person I want to speak has a landline. Land-line = No recharge

3. I don’t make international calls, since the call rates to India are an exorbitant 300fills per minute (while the distant USA is just 100fills) I give a missed call to my parents in India and they call me back (India to Kuwait just *9 rupees per minute) Incoming Intl Call = no recharge

4. Furthermore Bangladeshi’s are providing international calls for just “10fills” per minute. Illegal Call = no recharge

5. Almost everyone I know uses Tango, Viber, Fringe, whatsapp and crap these days. Smart-phone Apps = no recharge.

So basically I don’t / can’t / won’t recharge more than KD5 (I’m being generous here) a month. I Wonder what will happen to the telephone companies in Kuwait when everyone else will think smart and get a smart phone. Difficult times ahead aye?

(* 9 Rupee = 0.045 Fills)

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5 comments on “5 reasons why I can’t win Wataniya Telecom’s 10,000KD prize money

  1. Basically that’s the catch here…. with that price money they are luring people not to use the “other” options … yes of course not every smart person will fall for this offer…. but you know not everyone can be counted into that category 🙂 as the proverb in Hindi “Bhaagtey chor ki langoti hi sahi”

  2. Dear Grey,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write about Wataniya’s offer. Four people have won so far and we’re excited about announcing more winners in the upcoming weeks. We just wanted to clarify that only one winner is selected each week and that there are NO daily draws.

    Luck works in strange ways, so don’t underestimate your chances! Best of luck and do let us know if you ever have any questions. We’re available on Twitter and would be happy to help.


    • Hahaha, thanks man, thanks for taking time to comment, but like i said, as much as it is tempting the odds are just as much as a lightining strike. Thanks though ♥

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