Baby, Don’t forget my Number

I love Arab Times, they give scintillating headlines to petty crimes just to grab readers attention (which usually works 😛 ) Today’s online paper has some ‘incredible news’ which knocked me off my chair 😆

Woman Sitting On A Man’s Lap At The Back Seat & Kissing.

Police Offer Rejected As Boy, Girl ‘Talking Dispute’ Nabbed

 KUWAITCITY, Sept 18: A 20-year-old Kuwaiti citizen and a 22-year-old Kuwaiti girl were arrested recently for indulging in immoral activities inside a vehicle in Capital Governorate. However, after the arrest, the woman revealed that the securitymen promised to settle the issue amicably if she accepted their mobile numbers and kept in touch with them.
According to security sources, two traffic officers from Capital Traffic Department were patrolling the area when they suspected a vehicle that was parked near a commercial complex. Screens were placed on the windows of the vehicle but when securitymen checked through it, they caught a woman sitting on a man’s lap at the back seat of the vehicle and kissing him.

The securitymen ordered them to come out of the vehicle and present their Civil IDs, which revealed that they are Kuwaiti citizens.

They were referred to the police station and during interrogations, they revealed that they were discussing about an earlier dispute between them at the back seat when securitymen demanded them to come out of the vehicle.

They revealed that the securitymen tried to convince the woman to take their mobile numbers if she did not want them to register case against her and the man but she had refused their demands, after which they took them to the police station.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the real circumstances behind the incident.




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