Who is the mysterious man in the garden?

Ever since I got tired of walking on the treadmill I’ve been going to the garden at 6am every morning. It’s a good feeling to walk in the garden where you get to see people of various kind. People who walk clockwise, and the ones who walk anti clockwise, old people, fitness freaks, speeding Indian women with saggy breasts (what’s with not using a sports bra while jogging? though I am not complaining here’s a reason why women should use sports bra) But one person whom I’ve been watching for several weeks now is an Egyptian man (assuming he is  ‘Masri’ because of his dress) whom I find sleeping under a large tree everyday. In fact he lives under that tree, has a stove and few water bottles, few other household items and a cat. I thought of inquiring KGL staff which is responsible for renovating the garden at a super slow speed which has  embarrassed the snails in the area, but chose not to ask.

Whatever the reason he is living under the tree in this extreme summer heat, it is quite sad. If he’s a watchman for the garden or KGL guard that is even sadder, no one should be made to live under a tree for any reason, because it’s  disrespectful to human beings.


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