The Incredible Tomato Price Comparison Project

Remember the saying ‘Don’t judge a Supermarket by the price of a tomato’? Well, this morning my wife asked me to buy ‘8 tomatoes’ in particular, Why 8? I don’t know, women are strange at times. Since I am jobless and don’t have much to do, I thought of giving myself a task today. How about buying one tomato from every supermarket in my area and comparing the price?  I called it ‘The incredible Tomato Price Comparison Project’, sounds cool right?

I visited 8 Supermarkets in order to buy one tomato each; it was quite surprising to see how the prices varied. Though the ‘quality’ of the tomato too were different, I believe a “tomato is a tomato is a tomato” when the prices are high. Also because none of them mentioned the ‘origin of the product’ on the shelf, I guess the ‘quality factor’ doesn’t count. So here’s the breakdown from the expensive to the cheapest.

8. Geant Salmiya – Turkey – 850/KG

7. Sultan Centre Salmiya – Unknown origin – 750/KG

7. City Centre Salmiya – Unknown Origin – 750/KG

6. AG Mart Salmiya – Unknown Origin – 660/KG

5. Lulu Hyper Shuwaikh – Unknown Origin – 645/KG

4. Carrefour Shuwaikh -Unknown Origin – 640/KG

3. Salmiya co-op – Unknown Origin – 550/KG

2. Geant Salmiya – Jordan – 495/KG

1. Gulf Mart Salmiya – Unknown Origin – 425/KG


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