Food Review: Zafran Restaurant, Salmiya

After the ‘incredible idli eating challenge’ in the morning, we thought of treating our stomach well for lunch. I always wanted to eat at ‘Jeans Grill’ at the Sultan Centre, after browsing through their menu, and selecting what we wanted to eat, we battled through the traffic and reached TSC at 12.30 only to be shocked that Jean’s grill doesn’t serve food before 1PM. I hate restaurants that set time for food when the doors are open, also couple of jack asses smoking their lungs out made me really uncomfortable, so we walked the distance to Zafran which is located on the 1st floor of Centre Point Salmiya.

  My wife was kind of reluctant at first as Zafran hadn’t lived up to our expectations the last time we were there to celebrate her birthday. Risking a bad day ahead, hoping the food to be good, we entered restaurant which is quite massive and even has cabins for families, although I was bit surprised to see it empty. 

Our ‘simple lunch’ consisted of Murgh Shorba, Chicken Tikka Masala,  Whole wheat Roti’s, and Chicken Biriyani (Check Menu here) . Unlike the last time, Zafran saved the day by serving wonderful dishes. Chicken Tikka Masala was beautifully flavored, the mix of masala was complementing the nicely cooked chicken and it tasted supremely delicious. I also enjoyed the chicken biriyani, though a little ‘oily’ to my taste buds, but that didn’t stop me from licking my fingers (spoon rather) What I really like about it was that the biriyani was shut tight with a roti so that it remained hot while we enjoyed the Chicken tikka Masala. 

To sum it up, Zafran is a real cozy place if you are looking for good Indian food in Kuwait. The place is super clean, and the staff is very friendly (Not the McDonald’s creepy friendly) There is a smoker’s zone as well; thankfully I didn’t find anyone smoking. The service is fast and the place is ambient setting a perfect mood for your lunch/dinner. Definitely a must try restaurant if Indian food interests you. 

Oh the downside? Well, the parking. 

I didn’t click many pictures as  ‘someone’ ate up all my battery, but I forgive him because I was really able to enjoy food without being all ‘flashy’ food reviewer + he’s cute. 


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