Are Kuwait Blogs making you fat?

This question has been on my mind for a while now, are bloggers responsible for weight gain?

 I know it’s a weird question, a stupid one rather, but let’s face it; in the absence of ‘entertainment’ all we do is ‘eat & eat & eat’ then post reviews about it.At least 2 out of 10 blogs on (which is a Kuwait blog aggregator) are food related. Since almost everyone is a food reviewer (including me, huh) we’ve been posting pictures about “that latest junk food outlet” which can induce you an instant heart attack.

But like smoking cigarettes, eating junk food is a choice right? Even if the review is mouth-watering and gave you a massive food orgasm, you have a choice not to eat it and control your weight right?

But is it possible to gain weight just by reading food blogs? I know that sounds crazy but since Google has answer for everything under the sun, I ran a search ‘Does reading food blogs make you fat’?

And here’s what I found.

A study by the Endocrine Society in Houston, Texas, has found that just looking at rich, sumptuous food images stimulates the appetite and reward centers of the brain, making the viewer hungry – the same way sugar spikes the appetite. And the higher the calorie count on the food shown, the greater the resulting hunger and desire. (Source)

So again, Are Kuwait bloggers responsible for your weight gain? 😆


2 comments on “Are Kuwait Blogs making you fat?

  1. I don’t think it’s the reading about food that makes us fat, I think it’s those that spend 24/7 sitting on their laptops that makes them fat, I have met a few bloggers and they aint the skinniest in the world……….
    Blogging on the go is definitely a must, I rarely blog from my laptop, otherwise I’d never move. I have today and it’s the first time in a while, the majority of the time I use the app on my iphone otherwise I would really be the size of a hippo. I recently purchased a stepper and I blog while I step 😛
    But, of course, if we look at pictures of food, of course it will trigger that hormone in the brain that makes us all want to eat………and if we are blogging at midnight and come across a strawberry cheesecake, well………..enough said.

    • I sure remember I replied here yesterday, but wordpress seems to have eaten my own comment 😆

      Yes, one must walk at least 2,000 steps a day, continuous sitting while blogging has its own side effects like fissures and even colon cancer (Wish I knew this before :/ )

      Blogging while working on a stepper? You got talent 🙂

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