Kid with a Crush

AJ is growing up to be a cute little kid and like every boy he hates his dad. He doesn’t want me to brush his teeth or give him bath or dress him up for school. He wants his mom to be around him all the time which is great because I have not many chores when it comes to raising him.

Lately I’ve been noticing that ever since he has started watching Doraemon Cartoon the kid has been acting weirder, sometimes he stands holding hands on his chest making those weird (love) eyes at his mother because he thinks that ‘hearts’ are popping out of his eyes. And there are times he asks his mom to leave lipstick marks on both his cheek as he thinks my wife is ‘Suzuka’ and he is Nobita the other lead characters from Doremon (no prize for guess who Doraemon is)

All this while I was thinking my boy is weird and I keep insisting my wife not to pamper him much (Yes I am Jealous ever since I have been thrown out of the ‘family blanket’ for farting) but she shrugs it off as a phase of growing and he’ll be out of it soon.

Today morning I was watching America’s Funniest Video’s and started to laugh hysterically as this kid in the video is so in love with his mother wants her to breakup with dad and marry him, but then says she can’t because she’ll be too old by the time he grows up. This really cracked me because this is exactly what is happening in my house.

Also it’s a relief because AJ is not the only one, there are other weird kids too 😆

(If you are a parent read more about Oedipal phase here)


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