Watch: Food that Kills

If two years ago somebody had told me to quit eating meat and dairy product in order to avoid  cancer (and other heart diseases) I would have told them to GTFO. When you are  at the prime of your youth and are  ‘ignorant about your food habits’, the last thing you expect is to be diagnosed with colon cancer  right?

Wish I knew better…

If you are eating meat (red or lean) once a day here is good reason to spare an hour of your time to watch this documentary where Dr Michael Klaper explains the evils of being a ‘carnivore’. Please watch it, who knows this might save your life.

4 comments on “Watch: Food that Kills

  1. O.M.G. I’m watching it now. I’m reblogging this and giving you credit. It’s a lucky thing that there are so many delicious and tasty vegetarian foods; we are having chana dal and burghul for dinner! 🙂

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