Just because you’re anonymous doesn’t mean you can be an asshole

I am a good person in general, if I can describe myself I am kind, generous etc, but there are times I can be a real A-hole, especially when it comes to women’s facial hair. I remember this incident, we were at this ‘pirated CD shop’ at “Malya’ and a Filipino woman had her ‘mustache’ trimmed like a sharp-edged knife; I mean having facial hair is one thing but to trim it (being a woman) something hilarious right? I had my instant outburst of laughter which quite embarrassed my wife but she knew that I was in my a-hole mode.

  Similar to the incident above, some anonymous reddit user posted a picture of a woman of Sikh faith which is now making news all over the internet because the woman  in the picture (Balpreet Kaur) found out about it and instead of freaking out she responded so gracefully, the original poster publicly apologized and deleted his account. 

Looking back at my life I regret few things, like I said, sometimes I can be a real intolerant douchebag. I guess we all have our moment of “douchebagness” unfortunately most of the time we go uncorrected.



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