I love Big Breasts and I can not lie

October is Breast cancer awareness month, you might be noticing some of the big corporations utilizing this “magnificent opportunity” to show their human side, ironically even KFC promoted breast cancer awareness couple years ago and drew flak. While I am of the opinion that just raising awareness about breast cancer is unfair to people suffering battling other types of cancer, an early detection has higher chances of remission. So yes, get your boobies checked, if you don’t have a pair talk to your dear ones, make them aware of the risks of eating meat and junk food or share this video.

My apologies for the witty title, If it grabbed your attention please spread awareness about Breast Cancer.



2 comments on “I love Big Breasts and I can not lie

  1. some thing should be done for lung cancer too…awareness thing on a bigger scale….it kills people like anything….our lung cancer mortality rate is arnd 80% within 6months…..

    • Yes, I am planning to print a tee-shirt that reads ‘Thank You for not smoking Asshole’ and wear it to work. People here smoke inside the mall, restaurant, toilet, etc.

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