Why it is a crime to drive a Lancer


I have had big plans to buy a fancy 4X4 car, but then sh!t happened and I had to can all my future plans. Plus, my lancer 05 has been serving me well for the last 5 years, in fact it’s like I am married to my car. So today morning there I was minding my own business driving carefully towards Shuwaikh, and I clearly remember changing the lane JUST ONCE, I did not cut anyone, which I am 100% sure about, but just as I crossed Bayan Palace a guy in the second lane was honking as if his mother was on fire. On realizing that he is honking at me, I got worried that may be my tire is flat and he is warning me, so I slow down the car and lower the window and the Indian guy yells “ya Hamar mai shoof sayyara?” (yo donkey, you didn’t see my car?)

And for a moment I was totally lost because I DID NOT EVEN CROSS THIS GUY, BECAUSE I WAS DRIVING IN A DIFFERENT LANE. Needless to say I had a serious bout of road-rage and I curved my car towards his car scaring the shit out of him, my wife and everyone behind us. Realizing that I have gone crazy this imbecile chickend out and sped away.

Then I realized that he wouldn’t have dared to do so if my car was prado or X6, and I wouldn’t have curved my car if it wasn’t an Indian driving a Toyota corolla. I mean we pick our prey, big cars nudge small cars and smaller cars push  lancer 2005.

Though my wife kept insisting that we should buy a SUV or a 4X4, I’m not going to spend 10K because of some idiot was trying to be macho.

4 comments on “Why it is a crime to drive a Lancer

  1. Thumbs Up !!!! ofcourse you shudn’t change your car for an idiot of that category… some people really think they own the road.

    • I know, but this guy really surprised us, because even my wife can’t remember anything related to this car, so it’s strange why this guy picked on me. But we had a good laugh till we reached Shuwaikh as me and my wife kept calling each other ‘ya hamar’ LOL !

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