While You are at the Supermarket ….

In the west there are best bagger awards for people who work at the supermarkets, in the Middle-east we have nothin. The baggers are hired for as low as KD20 a month and every time we buy groceries they analyse you carefully to see if you will pull out that ‘100 fills’ as a reward for bagging or pushing your trolley to your car.

But before I say anything let me clarify, I am NOT generalizing or being judgemental to people who work as baggers. There are “the good and the bad and the ugly” in every profession, baggers are no exception. When ever I shop at any of the supermarkets in Kuwait I am always extra cautious, after a long walk between the isles and waiting in a long line at the billing station we tend to look at the rising cash register while blindly trusting the bagger that he will honestly bag all the things you just bought. Big mistake! I have caught baggers several times shoving small things like chewing gum, chocolates, razor blades under the plastic bags, but while caught they pretend to be innocent with an instant apology for something which looks like a ‘honest mistake’ to the naked eye.

Today, I was at my favourite supermarket and I bought a BIG tray and lot of other things, as usual I was staring at the cash machine and walked off with whatever bags the bagger handed me over, but as soon as I reached the door (luckily) I realized that the tray was missing. So I ran back to the cash machine, like I said, the bagger was as usual ‘oh sorry sir, blah blah blah’ , I wanted to give him a piece of my mind, but you can’t accuse someone for ‘honest mistake’ can you?

Next time I will be more careful.


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