Social Media takes yet another Victim, Canadian teen commits suicide over Facbook pictures.

Social media has taken yet another victim, Maple Ridge, Canada based 15 year teen Amanda Todd who had posted her suicide note on youtube over a month ago finally gave up her fight against cyber bullying. A troubled Amanda who had moved cities to avoid being blackmailed had posted this video over a month ago describing her ordeal against cyber bullying and sexual harassment, though she had received help by psychologists she committed suicide on 10th of October 2012. What’s more appalling is trolls are now posting sickening messages on youtube, calling names and posting hate speech. This just shows how the current generation has degenerated into a pile of poop that has no remorse or respect to anyone, even to the dead. 

Earlier this year, a 17-year-old Indian boy was clubbed to death in Mumbai over some comments he had posted on facebook. Another Orphan girl from Indian state of Jammu had committed suicide over obscene comments on Facebook. I guess social media is bringing the evil side out of our children by turning them in to cyber bullies. As parents we now have extra responsibilities towards our children, if un-monitored it could be our children who will be responsible for someone’s death or may become the victims. 

Please act against cyber bullying by sharing this video. 


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