The reason we are a walking biohazard

Ever since my diagnosis, I have been doing research on things that I might have done wrong to get cancer at such a young age. To my surprise everyday I find something new that could have caused colon cancer. There are several reasons I have come up with so far, like my high sugar diet, junk food addiction, bromide in the drinking water, Kuwait being the most polluted city etc. Today’s find is ‘mercury filling’ or Silver colored dental amalgam that possibly caused havoc in my body. Long back I was a big time coca-cola drinker because of which my tooth decayed so easily, so every year I’d get few fillings as if I was getting some silver ware, I even got myself a root canal. Though I have quit drinking coke many years now and haven’t got any new ‘fillings’ according to this CNN article my silver fillings (got 6 of them) are enough to send me to my grave sooner. What saddens me is even my wife has 6 silver fillings too, which makes us walking bio-hazards. 

 I got most of my fillings in Kuwait, I wonder if they are still doing silver amalgam while it is almost extinct in the US. If ever you have got your teeth filling done in Kuwait, you might wanna check it out.

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6 comments on “The reason we are a walking biohazard

  1. Are you serious?//

    I’m a Dentist, who get her Degree from the UK and in the US at the moment to get my speciality. Please DO Not spread Untruthful statements about Amalgams. They are one of the safest products in the worlds, and they DO NOT cause Cancer.
    They are still using them in the US.. I don’t know where do you get your facts from??

    • Hey, I am NOT spreading anything, if you got the degree you are old enough to do little research. I am just trying to figure out how to get these fillings out of my body.

      • I Understand your Frustration, Being Sick is not an enjoyable Ride and Having a Life Threatening Disease is not easy to Digest. Although I’m not in your shoes, I sympathise with your situation and wish you all the will and power to fight and Survives.
        It is not easy and as Humans we seek answers for everything but sometimes some question can not be answered. in almost 55-60 % of Cancer cases, Doctors can not come up with a reason why some People compared to others are Having these disease? They can come up with various suggestions, but to narrow it down to one Cause is a very difficult task that can drains your Doctor/Oncologist.

        No Health care Professionals would like to answer any question with : I don’t Know Or The Science has not proven such and such. Believe me ; It hurts alot

        I wish you all the best and make sure that you are eating Healthy, Maintain a Healthy Life Style and a Positive attitude towards life and your Cancer-Free Future

  2. hi there mate ,

    sorry to hear about that. I am currently a dentist working here in Kuwait . graduated from manchester england and worked in the uk for a while …

    some misconceptions i would just like to clear out about amalgam:-
    – amalgam is a combination of elements ( an alloy ) . it is composed of mercury , copper, tin and silver . its not just mercury thats in it.
    – amalgam was 1st used in the US in the 19th century
    – it is appreciated that dental amalgam has an astonishing survival rate and strength . all which has been packed up with evidence and research for a long time
    – amalgam toxicity is a very controversial topic which begun from the day amalgam was 1st placed . its very important to clear up the fact that mercury in the amalgam can only be harmful when its put in a patient tooth or its being taken out from a patient tooth. In other words, its ONLY the dentist or his/ her assistant whom are at risk of toxicity (thats been packed up by evidence for a long time)…
    – apart from toxicity , the other point that is against amalgam is that it is not eco friendly . that means when a dentist is disposing amalgam after using it, it can be harmful for the environment ( casing around 5 % of mercury emission world wide )
    – countries like sweden, denmark, norway and korea have all banned the use of amalgam in their dental offices for the abave reasons. Its still being used in the UK, USA , rest of Europe and Japan
    – the article u posted is not too particular to be honest, i can only see a dentist’s view on the whole situation without solid evidence supporting it.
    – i got couple of amalgam fillings my self and i am happy with them

    to sum up, amalgam is great material to restore teeth. It is cheap, easy to adapt to and successful . I will not discontinue using it unless scientific research suggest otherwise . in the mean time , i think more solid investigations need to be done in order to suggest discontinuing the use amalgam as a restorative.

    this is just my personal view of the situation , please feel free to ask about any clarifications you want to chase up. for now , good luck with everything.


    • Dr Abdullah, You see the problem with lay people like me is we tend to believe everything that is posted on the internet. Thanks for taking time and explaining it so clearly, I hope more awareness is spread about the health problems mercury can cause (to dentists, assistants and patients) and also hope that utmost care is taken in Kuwait while disposing the mercury amalgams.

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