Morgan De Toi coming soon to Marina Mall … again


I don’t understand how certain businesses works, I mean the current H&M used to NEXT then they shifted to the other side of Marina Mall, Bath & Body works used to be Foot Locker before it went on a hiatus for about a year then  re-appeared adjacent to River Island, Top Shop was Boots and Boot was Liz Clairborne, Boggi was Pull & Bear which replaced OVS.. I mean this list is really long. But cut to the chase, If I am  an owner of an Interior décor company I for one certainly wouldn’t be complaining with brands shifting locations. 

  Joining this list above is Morgan De Toi, few years ago it used be where Aqua is located right now, failed badly and was replaced by Aqua. Now it is making a come back at Marina Mall in front of Va Va Vroom.

I guess people know their business and I should mind my own.


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