Review: 3rd Red Bull Flugtag 2012 – Kuwait

Having experienced the first edition of Red bull Flugtag back in 2007 ‘the missus’ duly backed out saying ‘she had better things to do than watching people jump off the cliff’, So I left at around 1.30 pm, got ‘traffucked’ near Marina Mall, but wisely parked my car behind Corniche and walked in the humid weather to the Marina Crescent where the 3rd Edition of Redbull Flugtag was taking place. As expected, it was a carnival experience (yeah that’s a rarity in Kuwait right?) People from all walks of life were there; in short it was a mini United Nations gathering. The crowd was pretty enthusiastic even though it was bright noon and weather gods were unrelentingly blowing a dust-storm with humidity as added bonus.

Kids atop the dumpster watching Flugtag

I watched the event for an hour under the shade of a palm tree and felt totally left out because once again the organizers seemed to forget the non-Arabic crowd, which made me wonder ‘how hard it is to hire a fluent bilingual MC’ for an event as big as this. Anyways, keeping that aside, it was one massive show, well-organized and beautifully executed. Korean one hit wonder Psy seemed to be the order of the day, If only I had a Dinar for every participant dancing for Gangnam style prior to their jump I’d be pretty rich today. Though I wish the organizers should have involved the crowd to keep the proceedings interested, there were no activities for the spectators, after all who cares for ordinary people who could be turned into potential ‘red bull’ customer’s right? 

I left early after an hour, didn’t want to get caught with my car being blocked and all, it was a wise decision as the ground behind Corniche was already getting packed with cars. So that was it, ‘the missus’ was right when she said ‘yet another Red bull Flugtag, yet another pointless afternoon in the hot sun watching men jump off the cliff’. 

Will upload a Video in a while (if Zain’s 7.2 mbps speed can beat the snails, like seriously)


5 comments on “Review: 3rd Red Bull Flugtag 2012 – Kuwait

  1. dude ,why are you so negative ,i went there and i had i great time !
    and its soo rare that you’ll see any event in kuwait ,so enjoy it .

    • LOL! this is “my” review, I didn’t enjoy it for obvious reasons, but didn’t I say ‘it was one massive show, well-organized and beautifully executed”?
      Why are you upset about me being upset? 😛

  2. Last events were held during November which is way better than October regarding weather and humidity. Also the location of the first even was much better because people had a place to sit, relax and watch from a distance. Though in the Crescent it is a mess, whether from the height of the ramp or the stupid palm trees that blocked the view. And I totally agree about keeping the spectators engaged. That would make the event even more fun.

    Anyhow, I’m glad you enjoyed it although you didn’t stay till the end for my team’s performance and attempt.

    • Yes, the first event was better, we had place to sit and relax, also keeping an outdoor event in October is a bad idea. I did enjoy a bit but I missed the company of the Missus and kid, which is why the grumpiness all about.
      Sorry to have missed your jump, I hope you did well.

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