Mall Review: Grand Avenue – The Avenues Mall

Instant “Mallgasm” (if that is a word) that’s what I had from the moment I entered the ‘Grand Avenue’ previously known as The Avenues Phase III.  If ever you thought that Phase I&II were massive enough for you to give blisters, you gotta check the Grand Avenue. It is a mall within a mall, something that is totally different from any of your previous mall experiences in Kuwait. With the opening of Phase III the Avenues is now officially the #1 mall in Kuwait (if you weren’t sure of it already)

Since I was told by my friends about the insane traffic during day/night-time because of bloggers people trying to get the first look of the new mall, I opted for an early morning visit even before any of the shops were open; to my surprise the mall was crowded even at 8.30 am. As the new phase is still under construction the workers were everywhere and the morning joggers and the shop staff who seemed to be elated to be working at one of the finest malls in the world. The Grand Avenue takes your shopping experience to a different level altogether, this is what every shopaholic in Kuwait must have prayed for and the ‘Grand Avenue’ is that prayer answered. I mean if you could afford those high-end brands this is where fashion comes alive. Special mention to the architectural design which varies from shop to shop, which makes it a perfect weekend destination for people who cannot afford these brands. Since the new avenue is still under construction it would be wrong to consider this as a review but if I am allowed this is “the place to be” which is exactly the new slogan of ‘The Avenues Mall’.  While lot of new brands like COS, Pink, Sarar, Harvey-Nichols, The cheese Factory, Millions of Milkshake to name a few breath freshness to mall, unfortunately there are plenty of repetitions like H&M, Milano, The Body Shop and of course “The Star Bucks” which made me wonder if we needed anymore of them.  

 With the inception of Grand Avenue the shopping experience in Kuwait is raised to an all new height, the upcoming and the present malls of Kuwait will have to up their ante or else their businesses will face certain demise for sure.  Come to think of it, this will also affect businesses at Phase I and II, since Kuwait is not a tourist country like Dubai the “usual crowd” is bound to move in to the new outlet and a lot of shops may feel the heat as month’s progress, but then ‘business’ is the name of the game right?

 To sum it up, if you haven’t visited yet, Grand Avenue is the place to be this weekend, although Id’ suggest you to avoid weekends as entering/ exiting the mall (all the three phases) will be one hell of a challenge for at least few months. The two lane traffic is going to get ugly as the word will spread about the majestic grandeur of the latest edition (or extension rather) to ever-increasing Kuwait Malls. Also because of the sheer of size of phase III avoid walking in heels if you want to experience mall without being tired. Read some of the cool reviews on Grand Avenue by fellow bloggers here, here, here, herehere and here.

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