I just got fired for not beating cancer

2665876Well, it was expected, I don’t blame my company which has been patient with me for the last two years. But I think finally they had enough of a man who is unable to beat cancer, so today I have been officially terminated from work. Though I deserve a three months notice, The company has decided not to renew my employment contract which is expiring on March 26th which also happens to be my birthday (wow this birthday is going to be a cracker already)

I am not sure If I am hurting, as the company I worked for keeps itself busy with big time charity works like donating part of its sale for earthquake relief etc. But then who cares about a small time salesman who is not bringing revenue anymore right? I guess It’s all about ‘eye candy’. Probably I should tell them “charity begins at home” but  I’m going to let it go,  as they say

Life is cruel and beautiful at times, and that’s the way it should be” 

12 comments on “I just got fired for not beating cancer

  1. Very disappointing read…. I mean i really felt bad… it should have not been this way, Frankly for a company who does so much of charity work as you stated, should really not consider a person like you a burden…

    The brighter side of it ? God always has better plans, as they say he opens 100’s of doors of opportunities before he closes one for you. Take it positively, i know its difficult but being positive is the only rope which will pull you out of this crisis.

    • You spoke the words of my heart.. I felt bad the day I was terminated,, but its just a new beginning .. I am a fighter and will fight this one as well… and Yes,.. God always makes way when there is no way.

  2. Stay strong and keep on fighting,You have done everything form your side now just trust in God good things are coming.
    Everytime I feel low and depressed I just go through your earlier blogposts which gives me hope and inspiration and encourages me to do my bit.
    Love your spirit Grey!!!

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