Thick Fog cover over Kuwait


What an incredibly foggy day!! Could barely see 20 meters at 5 pm, had to cancel an important meeting at Mangaf, couldnt risk driving all the way and back with such low visibility. Nonetheless traffic was even more dangerous with reckless drivers zigzagging through the slwo traffic. Hope not many accidents happened today as most people opted to stay indoors.


One comment on “Thick Fog cover over Kuwait

  1. Hi Grey:)
    How are you? I hope your getting better.
    I was just catching up on ur blog bcoz it’s been ages since I read any blogs and I read ur job post, That’s so unfair!!!! Please email me your CV I Hope I can help u get a new job. Don’t worry about ur treatment, please let me know if there is ANY medication you need, I’ll find a way to get for u.
    Looking forward to receive ur email Grey 🙂


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