What happens Next?

Sorry for not keeping you guys updated… Kinda had an internet withdrawal, hence didn’t write anything for the last few days.. so here’s what’s happening

* Incredibly I haven’t passed stools for the last 14 days (freaking crazy yeah?) The reason being I am on liquid diet and the colon has no strength to flush out whatever that is already in my stomach. I have lost weight like crazy, now I look like Christian bale from the Machinist.

* Biopsy report is taking ages to come, been to KCCC several times, every time they send me back giving one reason or the other. If it were in India it would take 48 hours for the biopsy report to come. Kuwait keeps surprising me.

* Trying to get my residence stamped. Can’t disclose details now, but God is making way in mysterious ways. When it happens will let you know.

*Stomach is distended, last week took two enema’s but nothing happened, even the enema water stayed inside. Think my stomach is really upset about the ill treatment I gave it (by eating junk)

* Went to KCCC to get my stomach flushed, after taking X-ray doctors said ‘don’t come back unless you are vomiting or in severe pain. Since both has not happened I am still at home not knowing what is next.

* Faith is at its peak, God has been working miracles left and right, Will need a separate blog to write it all down.

* Today my son is graduating at Bhavan’s, He’s in UKG, Praying to God that He keeps me in the land of the living to see him graduate from college.

That’s it for now, Keep in me prayers, Don’t know what is the next step, pray that God reveals it at the earliest and eases my discomfort.


2 comments on “What happens Next?

  1. Dont worry brother… We are praying for you.. you will definitely see your son’s college graduation… dont loose your faith and he will be with you…

  2. All will be back and normal soon and you will see your son graduating and married too!! Are prayers are there with you! Keep us posted!

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