WTH is a Zain Landing page?

zain landing pageOK the competition is fierce among ISP providers, I get that, But what I don’t get is why Zain in all its wisdom force feeds me ads which I don’t want to see. Every time I log in via Zain e-Go and click on the pages that I want to visit, Zain re-directs it to their “Landing page” I mean come on!!! I am seriously pissed off and almost on the edge to cancel my subscription.

The next big thing is already here

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I am not tech savvy, neither a gadget freak. I don’t pay attention to all the Samsung Vs Apple war over rectangles with round edges, but what I know is Samsung is hurting and will go all out to get back at Apple, really liked this ‘in your face’ ad by Samsung. That takes some balls to hit a perfect sucker punch right where it hurts. LOL

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Good news imformation for foreigners


Yep, if you are a local then this good news does not apply to you, this ees wonly for foreigners.

I like the way it says “Good News”, it’s like Kalam had an unique “Eureka” moment while doing an experiment in his secret lab discovering the formula to kill bed bugs. Then he decides to share it with only foreigners?

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