7 days and 7 Nights

Thought it was not going to end, I mean I have had major surgeries and have recovered in less than 7 days, but this seemed unending. The pain in the stomach and rumbling gasses  showed no sign of ceasing even for a minute. It was (is) like a mighty river gushing down my large intestine followed by thunderous sounds of gasses that followed. Finally on Tuesday after having taken no liquid through my mouth for 7 days, the colonoscopy  sigmoidoscopy happened (third time lucky) and I was let go from the hospital. The doctor said “it doesn’t seem like a tumor, my be fibrosis”. But whatever the case My faith is on God, I for one believe that cancer is defeated, though I haven’t heard from doctors officially this is my faith. I can’t take it no more. Now that I am back home waiting for Wednesday to come with a confidence that God has altered cancer’s path and the biopsy result will be benign. Wait for me to announce  it officially.

While I was in the hospital noticed several cases that were terminal and some of them who just diagnosed with cancer. One of the terminally ill  patient is a Pakistani National, though I picked up a fight with him over a chair (as chairs are scarce at HMJCS) later we became friends. He too has colon cancer and doctors told him that there is nothing they can do anymore. It was depressing to watch him sit on the chair on the corridor and lost in thoughts. It must be really hard when the family is in Pakistan and he is facing cancer alone. I pray to God that He makes way for this child of His.

Another case is of an Egyptian national who is just 34-year-old and has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Though he looked confident that this is just a small disruption of his normal life, on the second day he grew more serious as Doctors explained to him  what he is about to undergo. Upon discovering that  I am a colorectal cancer patient he tried to get as much information from me about the disease and the changes in life, though I tried to explain much, as I haven’t had anything to drink for 7 days my throat was drying fast and I am not sure if we crossed the English language accent barrier.

One thing I liked about the hospital is the utmost care taken by the staff, though racial tensions remain between staff (which are visible sometimes) no stone is upturned when it comes to treating the patients, only that citing a doctor is a rarity if not for the routine rounds.

So that’s it for now, I will keep you my readers updated about the latest. Meanwhile still no lead on my expiring residence, but that is a minor issue, I know God’s hands are not too short to grant wishes of his faithful.


Just hit a stumbling block

Small update: My colonoscopy didn’t happen on thursday as it was planned. Things went wrong after I started to take ,GolyTelly’ to induce diarrehea to clear my bowels. I was so exhausted and bloated, my wife decided to take me to KCCC casualty. It was a wise decision, I was put on medications and admitted since my colonoscopy was scheduled next day.

But Endoscopist couldn’t get through the blocked anal passage, as I could see (on monitor) the blockage was really severe and Doctor advised to do the proceedure on Sunday under general anastatia.

So I got stuck at KCCC, which is really not bad as the staff take utmost care of you and unlike India the hospital is spik and span. I hope know I am in good hands,  last night there was a doubt and God opened my eyes with this message

“This is what the Lord says: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the Lord” (NIV)”

Now there is no doubt in my mind that God is at work and this shall pass like a bad dream.

What an eventful day


What an eventful day? First it rained cats and dogs in the morning slowing down the traffic to an absolute halt at places, then in the afternoon severe dust-storm that I could gaze at the sun with my naked eyes.  All in one day!! Makes me wonder if the ‘weather gods’ have gone crazy.

What else is crazy? I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on Thursday, there is an accute blockage in my anal passage because of which  I am bloated and about to burst (no kidding) But I have put my complete trust in God, I don’t mind if you call me a fanatic right now. Everybody around me is wondering why I am so calm, so calm I even prayed for a lady at a restaurant in front of everyone, she’s been just diagnosed with cancer. I haven’t laughed at the face of death like this before. Guess that’s what ‘faith’ enables in you.. a courage like nothing you have ever witnessed.

So that’s it for now, keep me thoughts and  prayers.

Dear “The Avenues”


Dear The Avenues,

Asking people to smoke in “designated area” is like asking people to swim in the non-clorinated area of the swimming pool.

P.S Second hand smoke causes cancer and other diseses.

Yours Truly,
Grey (a cancer patient)

Could things go any worse than this ..

So last night was my umpteenth CT scan and turns out that hell hath broken lose once again. Not only that my tumor is recurring at the original area, I seem to have developed a Toxic mega-colon which is due the side effect of chemotherapy. Now the tricky situation is I can’t fly to India for treatment because my residence is expiring on March 26th and I have no leads for a sponsor yet. So what happens next? I don’t know, I am opting for surgery at KCCC as I don’t want to miss my wife and Kid anymore. I have surrendered my situation to God, he has always led me through the darkest of times. I am sure this one will pass too.

Keep me in prayers.

Real men eat vegetables

Today’s been a long day; I was at KCCC at 6am just in order to get an early appointment with my oncologist. It has been 3 months since my chemotherapy was abruptly stopped after just one dose. And since then I have been simmering from within just hoping that I will remain cancer free for the rest of my days. It would be a shame if I lost this battle to cancer right?

  So as we sat at KCCC it became harder to draw a conversation as most of the patients in the waiting room prefer silence or read Holy Books. So we sat there and watched Forks Over Knives: a documentary on food on my cellphone. I don’t want to elaborate on the movie since there are plenty of reviews already, all I can say is it is one of the MUST WATCH documentaries  for people suffering from cancer. After we finished watching the movie, I held my wife’s hand and said “I can’t fight this battle alone, I need your help’ (I turned into a complete vegan over a month ago) and as a person who is  responsible our diet at home she agreed to join me in my fight against cancer. Though she promised to become a vegetarian herself I am not expecting her to change her diet for me, but at least now she knows the evils of eating meat based diet.

So yes, watch this movie, It changed my wife’s perception about diet, I am sure your life will be transformed too.

The reason we are a walking biohazard

Ever since my diagnosis, I have been doing research on things that I might have done wrong to get cancer at such a young age. To my surprise everyday I find something new that could have caused colon cancer. There are several reasons I have come up with so far, like my high sugar diet, junk food addiction, bromide in the drinking water, Kuwait being the most polluted city etc. Today’s find is ‘mercury filling’ or Silver colored dental amalgam that possibly caused havoc in my body. Long back I was a big time coca-cola drinker because of which my tooth decayed so easily, so every year I’d get few fillings as if I was getting some silver ware, I even got myself a root canal. Though I have quit drinking coke many years now and haven’t got any new ‘fillings’ according to this CNN article my silver fillings (got 6 of them) are enough to send me to my grave sooner. What saddens me is even my wife has 6 silver fillings too, which makes us walking bio-hazards. 

 I got most of my fillings in Kuwait, I wonder if they are still doing silver amalgam while it is almost extinct in the US. If ever you have got your teeth filling done in Kuwait, you might wanna check it out.

Read more about Silver amalgam related articles here

The worst kind of people you meet at a cancer hospital


I am writing this from KCCC, as I was entering the hospital saw a young guy smoking outside the main entance. Though I am a person who minds his own business, somehow automatically my hands went in ‘wtf’ action. Despite of wanting to beat the crap out of him, I put up a smile and said “this is cancer hospital” and the guy callously replied “sho sowwi” (what can be done)

I can’t believe people are so  ignorant and utterly disrespectful to the people dying/fighting cancer, that too at a cancer hospital. I really hope there is a special place in hell for such people.

Truly ignorance is a form of cancer.

I love Big Breasts and I can not lie

October is Breast cancer awareness month, you might be noticing some of the big corporations utilizing this “magnificent opportunity” to show their human side, ironically even KFC promoted breast cancer awareness couple years ago and drew flak. While I am of the opinion that just raising awareness about breast cancer is unfair to people suffering battling other types of cancer, an early detection has higher chances of remission. So yes, get your boobies checked, if you don’t have a pair talk to your dear ones, make them aware of the risks of eating meat and junk food or share this video.

My apologies for the witty title, If it grabbed your attention please spread awareness about Breast Cancer.


Watch: Food that Kills

If two years ago somebody had told me to quit eating meat and dairy product in order to avoid  cancer (and other heart diseases) I would have told them to GTFO. When you are  at the prime of your youth and are  ‘ignorant about your food habits’, the last thing you expect is to be diagnosed with colon cancer  right?

Wish I knew better…

If you are eating meat (red or lean) once a day here is good reason to spare an hour of your time to watch this documentary where Dr Michael Klaper explains the evils of being a ‘carnivore’. Please watch it, who knows this might save your life.