What happens Next?

Sorry for not keeping you guys updated… Kinda had an internet withdrawal, hence didn’t write anything for the last few days.. so here’s what’s happening

* Incredibly I haven’t passed stools for the last 14 days (freaking crazy yeah?) The reason being I am on liquid diet and the colon has no strength to flush out whatever that is already in my stomach. I have lost weight like crazy, now I look like Christian bale from the Machinist.

* Biopsy report is taking ages to come, been to KCCC several times, every time they send me back giving one reason or the other. If it were in India it would take 48 hours for the biopsy report to come. Kuwait keeps surprising me.

* Trying to get my residence stamped. Can’t disclose details now, but God is making way in mysterious ways. When it happens will let you know.

*Stomach is distended, last week took two enema’s but nothing happened, even the enema water stayed inside. Think my stomach is really upset about the ill treatment I gave it (by eating junk)

* Went to KCCC to get my stomach flushed, after taking X-ray doctors said ‘don’t come back unless you are vomiting or in severe pain. Since both has not happened I am still at home not knowing what is next.

* Faith is at its peak, God has been working miracles left and right, Will need a separate blog to write it all down.

* Today my son is graduating at Bhavan’s, He’s in UKG, Praying to God that He keeps me in the land of the living to see him graduate from college.

That’s it for now, Keep in me prayers, Don’t know what is the next step, pray that God reveals it at the earliest and eases my discomfort.


Food Matters: “You are what you eat”

Would you change your life style if you knew that 10 years down the line you would be diagnosed with some terminal disease? I have answered it before, had someone told me the same when I was 28, I would have said “pfffft” . But anyways, hoping that it’s not too late, ever since I have heard the phrase  “You are what you eat” I am leaving no stones unturned to fight this out. I am so astonished for the fact that all the information that we need is “out there” but I/we never cared to look at it until the shit hit the fan. Today I watched ‘Food Matters’ on youtube, yet another eye-opening movie about diet. I highly recommend you to watch it if you are (or know someone) suffering  from obesity or cancer related sickness.

Real men eat vegetables

Today’s been a long day; I was at KCCC at 6am just in order to get an early appointment with my oncologist. It has been 3 months since my chemotherapy was abruptly stopped after just one dose. And since then I have been simmering from within just hoping that I will remain cancer free for the rest of my days. It would be a shame if I lost this battle to cancer right?

  So as we sat at KCCC it became harder to draw a conversation as most of the patients in the waiting room prefer silence or read Holy Books. So we sat there and watched Forks Over Knives: a documentary on food on my cellphone. I don’t want to elaborate on the movie since there are plenty of reviews already, all I can say is it is one of the MUST WATCH documentaries  for people suffering from cancer. After we finished watching the movie, I held my wife’s hand and said “I can’t fight this battle alone, I need your help’ (I turned into a complete vegan over a month ago) and as a person who is  responsible our diet at home she agreed to join me in my fight against cancer. Though she promised to become a vegetarian herself I am not expecting her to change her diet for me, but at least now she knows the evils of eating meat based diet.

So yes, watch this movie, It changed my wife’s perception about diet, I am sure your life will be transformed too.

The reason we are a walking biohazard

Ever since my diagnosis, I have been doing research on things that I might have done wrong to get cancer at such a young age. To my surprise everyday I find something new that could have caused colon cancer. There are several reasons I have come up with so far, like my high sugar diet, junk food addiction, bromide in the drinking water, Kuwait being the most polluted city etc. Today’s find is ‘mercury filling’ or Silver colored dental amalgam that possibly caused havoc in my body. Long back I was a big time coca-cola drinker because of which my tooth decayed so easily, so every year I’d get few fillings as if I was getting some silver ware, I even got myself a root canal. Though I have quit drinking coke many years now and haven’t got any new ‘fillings’ according to this CNN article my silver fillings (got 6 of them) are enough to send me to my grave sooner. What saddens me is even my wife has 6 silver fillings too, which makes us walking bio-hazards. 

 I got most of my fillings in Kuwait, I wonder if they are still doing silver amalgam while it is almost extinct in the US. If ever you have got your teeth filling done in Kuwait, you might wanna check it out.

Read more about Silver amalgam related articles here

Flu season is here


Been feeling low since last night, air conditioning is acting weird due to humid weather outside. Visited Salmiya west clinic an hour ago, looks like ‘everybody’ is sick. The clinic is crowded on a week-day which is unusual. I think viral fever is going hit us big time before we step into fall/winter.

Update: The consultation lasted “less than a minute” though I wasn’t told what is the cause I’m asked to take an injection and couple of medicines and advised to keep myself warm.

Death by Smoke


I was at Lulu Hypermarket Shuwaikh at 8am, almost got suffocated to death at the entrance (gate no2) because of all that cigarette smoke. Employees of shops around Lulu seem to care a dime about ban on smoking in public places or the reputation of the supermarket they work for, the smell is absolutely disgusting as the corridoor does not have peoper ventilation and the people who come to shop at Lulu in the morning has to suffer.

I wonder what it takes to educate people about the consequences of passive smoking. 

Watch: Food that Kills

If two years ago somebody had told me to quit eating meat and dairy product in order to avoid  cancer (and other heart diseases) I would have told them to GTFO. When you are  at the prime of your youth and are  ‘ignorant about your food habits’, the last thing you expect is to be diagnosed with colon cancer  right?

Wish I knew better…

If you are eating meat (red or lean) once a day here is good reason to spare an hour of your time to watch this documentary where Dr Michael Klaper explains the evils of being a ‘carnivore’. Please watch it, who knows this might save your life.

What fat have you fed your child today?

According to a survey by MasterCard, Gulf consumers were the top three spenders on restaurants — UAE diners spent an average of US$229 per month, Qataris averaged US$211 per month, and Kuwaitis spent US$196 per month. The same survey found that 88% of respondents said they dined in shopping mall food courts. 

Last week I met a Kuwaiti customer whom I have known for last 10 years. He had lost weight considerably, after much hesitation I asked him, Is everything OK? You seem to have lost a lot of weight.

He smiled and said ‘Really? Do I look better now?

I replied ‘Yes, You must be on a very strict diet’

“No, I underwent surgery and had my intestine removed, now I can not eat like before, so I am losing weight. Finally I am happy to buy clothes in shops other than Kit-Kat” He went on and on about how life had changed for him after losing weight. 

After he left, I paused for a moment, recently I had read about Kuwait being the second fattest country in the world after the USA, I wondered if this is the price we are paying for gorging on junk food in utter ignorance about the outcome. Removing the intestine to lose weight? REALLY??? Has it come this far that Kuwaiti’s and Expats now have to remove intestine to get off junk food and live a better life? 

Recently my colleague told me how his son wouldn’t eat dinner without fries and fizzy drinks. I am not surprised, I too lived a unhealthy lifestyle until two years ago when I was diagnosed with colon cancer  (Yep it took me a cancer to get off junk food) The fast food industry is already huge in Kuwait, every street has a junk food outlet, but this is just the tip of the iceberg; the (junk) food industry is planning to engulf Kuwait in a gigantic way.  If this report is true, in the next five years Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries will witness unparalleled increase of junk food outlets.

But I don’t blame the fat food industry, we only have ourselves to blame, like cigarettes, junk food too is a choice, if we don’t wake up now, our children will live shorter lives than us. 

Best things in life are for Free


No more late night social media escapades. No more sleeping late till noon on weekends. The weather is turning into ‘awesome’. If you missed the early morning walk in the garden, you probably don’t care about yourself. The best things in life are for free they say, I didn’t understand until I was pushed on the edge, what are you waiting for?

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Today I downloaded walkroid app, according to it I have walked almost 6kms today. Not sure how accurate it is, so tomorrow I will be buying a pedometer from Decathlon. On an average a mile comprises of 2,000 steps. Hopefully I will be able to increase my stamina just by trying to increase the step count everyday.

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