Why I will never Shop at City Centre again


Remember the last time I wrote about the honest employees of Sultan Centre? Such customer service is hard to find, I say this espcially after meeting a disrespectful employee of City Centre Salmiya.

My wife wanted to buy a suit, so we head to Souk Salmiya, after browsing few shops we enter City Centre. My wife liked couple of suits so she wanted to try, surprisingly the trial room was closed. So we request the a lady worker who bluntly said, “the trial room is closed because of promotion” .So I ask her “if the suit does not fit/like can we refund” she says “No refund only exchange”

So I asked the gentleman who looked like supervisor at the section “can you make an exception and open the trial room only for a while” . He refuses saying “if we open for you we have to open for everyone, but you can refund” … “NO REFUND SIR” shouts the lady from the back.

So I went to the City centre “Manager” who was kind enough to escort us to the trial room and “ordered” Mr Imran to open the trial room, guess what??? Imran somehow sweet-talks the manager and sends my wife to the store room, which is a “glass door” and SHE HAS TO CHANGE UNDER THE STAIRCASE WHILE MEN ARE WATCHING FROM OUTSIDE”

We just stormed out of CityCentre, we have never been insulted by any one like this before. What a shame!! A leading business centre asking a woman to change dress under the stairs in front of everyone!!! I wonder if Mr Imran would allow his sister or wife to change dress while men peeped from outside. And what kind of store manager City Cenre has who is incapble of making his subordinates obey him??

This is the last time I visited City Center, they seriously need to take lesson from Sultan Center employees on HOW TO RESPECT CUSTOMERS.


WTH happened to Avenues Phase 1?


OK i have been out of the country for couple of months, if you remember my Grand avenue review I had advised to avoid visiting the Avenues Mall on weekends. Looks like people to it seriously (#JK). So here I am today on a Thursday, first I was shocked to see the empty lanes, next I found parking so easily, third a sore site of a shop which is shut and finally “where is the crrrrrrowd????

As I had said before Avenues is competition within, since we are not a tourist nation this was bound to happen. I hope unlike Marina Mall which didn’t care about the diminishing footfall, The Avenues Mall management will “try” to bring back footfall to phase 1 .. like seriously.

Mall Review: Grand Avenue – The Avenues Mall

Instant “Mallgasm” (if that is a word) that’s what I had from the moment I entered the ‘Grand Avenue’ previously known as The Avenues Phase III.  If ever you thought that Phase I&II were massive enough for you to give blisters, you gotta check the Grand Avenue. It is a mall within a mall, something that is totally different from any of your previous mall experiences in Kuwait. With the opening of Phase III the Avenues is now officially the #1 mall in Kuwait (if you weren’t sure of it already)

Since I was told by my friends about the insane traffic during day/night-time because of bloggers people trying to get the first look of the new mall, I opted for an early morning visit even before any of the shops were open; to my surprise the mall was crowded even at 8.30 am. As the new phase is still under construction the workers were everywhere and the morning joggers and the shop staff who seemed to be elated to be working at one of the finest malls in the world. The Grand Avenue takes your shopping experience to a different level altogether, this is what every shopaholic in Kuwait must have prayed for and the ‘Grand Avenue’ is that prayer answered. I mean if you could afford those high-end brands this is where fashion comes alive. Special mention to the architectural design which varies from shop to shop, which makes it a perfect weekend destination for people who cannot afford these brands. Since the new avenue is still under construction it would be wrong to consider this as a review but if I am allowed this is “the place to be” which is exactly the new slogan of ‘The Avenues Mall’.  While lot of new brands like COS, Pink, Sarar, Harvey-Nichols, The cheese Factory, Millions of Milkshake to name a few breath freshness to mall, unfortunately there are plenty of repetitions like H&M, Milano, The Body Shop and of course “The Star Bucks” which made me wonder if we needed anymore of them.  

 With the inception of Grand Avenue the shopping experience in Kuwait is raised to an all new height, the upcoming and the present malls of Kuwait will have to up their ante or else their businesses will face certain demise for sure.  Come to think of it, this will also affect businesses at Phase I and II, since Kuwait is not a tourist country like Dubai the “usual crowd” is bound to move in to the new outlet and a lot of shops may feel the heat as month’s progress, but then ‘business’ is the name of the game right?

 To sum it up, if you haven’t visited yet, Grand Avenue is the place to be this weekend, although Id’ suggest you to avoid weekends as entering/ exiting the mall (all the three phases) will be one hell of a challenge for at least few months. The two lane traffic is going to get ugly as the word will spread about the majestic grandeur of the latest edition (or extension rather) to ever-increasing Kuwait Malls. Also because of the sheer of size of phase III avoid walking in heels if you want to experience mall without being tired. Read some of the cool reviews on Grand Avenue by fellow bloggers here, here, here, herehere and here.

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IKEA chair & a Freak accident


So I haven’t blogged for a week now, there are some serious issues with my health which will have to be dealt with soon. Meanwhile apart from the “usual” stuff, the CT scan that I had done last week showing that Imy back bone is a mess, unless I don’t take care of my posture while sitting on the internet I am headed for disaster. The missus has been insisting on buying a proper chair for ages now, so I finally gave up and bought this chair which is marked down for 17KD as IKEA’s first Thursday promotion. While entering The avenues saw this car which is lying between the palm trees. Don’t know how it got there but hope the (lady?) driver is safe.


Will Avenues Phase IV be connected via a Bridge?

Tazmania mentioned on BananaQ8 about Avenues  Mall further expanding into Phase IV & V, which reminded me of a conversation I had with one of my friend who works as a retail operations manager for some company that there indeed going to be an expansion and it will be connected via a Bridge. I am not sure of his sources, it could be rumors but I am assuming since most of the property Opposite to  Avenues mall is developing  in to tiny malls, the fourth (and possible 5th) phase will be on the ‘massive empty plot’ on the other side of Gazali Road (where the fire station is located) and it will be  connected through a (air-conditioned?) bridge.

If that’s the case it will be an awesome joggers spot given the fact that already people throng to the mall as early as 7 am for their morning walks taking advantage of the super cool air-conditioning 😆 

Morgan De Toi coming soon to Marina Mall … again


I don’t understand how certain businesses works, I mean the current H&M used to NEXT then they shifted to the other side of Marina Mall, Bath & Body works used to be Foot Locker before it went on a hiatus for about a year then  re-appeared adjacent to River Island, Top Shop was Boots and Boot was Liz Clairborne, Boggi was Pull & Bear which replaced OVS.. I mean this list is really long. But cut to the chase, If I am  an owner of an Interior décor company I for one certainly wouldn’t be complaining with brands shifting locations. 

  Joining this list above is Morgan De Toi, few years ago it used be where Aqua is located right now, failed badly and was replaced by Aqua. Now it is making a come back at Marina Mall in front of Va Va Vroom.

I guess people know their business and I should mind my own.

While You are at the Supermarket ….

In the west there are best bagger awards for people who work at the supermarkets, in the Middle-east we have nothin. The baggers are hired for as low as KD20 a month and every time we buy groceries they analyse you carefully to see if you will pull out that ‘100 fills’ as a reward for bagging or pushing your trolley to your car.

But before I say anything let me clarify, I am NOT generalizing or being judgemental to people who work as baggers. There are “the good and the bad and the ugly” in every profession, baggers are no exception. When ever I shop at any of the supermarkets in Kuwait I am always extra cautious, after a long walk between the isles and waiting in a long line at the billing station we tend to look at the rising cash register while blindly trusting the bagger that he will honestly bag all the things you just bought. Big mistake! I have caught baggers several times shoving small things like chewing gum, chocolates, razor blades under the plastic bags, but while caught they pretend to be innocent with an instant apology for something which looks like a ‘honest mistake’ to the naked eye.

Today, I was at my favourite supermarket and I bought a BIG tray and lot of other things, as usual I was staring at the cash machine and walked off with whatever bags the bagger handed me over, but as soon as I reached the door (luckily) I realized that the tray was missing. So I ran back to the cash machine, like I said, the bagger was as usual ‘oh sorry sir, blah blah blah’ , I wanted to give him a piece of my mind, but you can’t accuse someone for ‘honest mistake’ can you?

Next time I will be more careful.