What’s with Pastamania?


Since my Chemotherapy and my taste buds gone on long vacation, I’ve been eating very less. For some reason I can’t stand the home cooked (Indian) food and I’ve been craving to eat a nice and tangy pasta meal from Pastamania. Why pastamania?? Because their “meditarranian” pasta used to be my favorite dish when I was healthy. Also they used to serve with”organic” pasta for few extra fills.

I visited their Marina Mall branch thrice and to my surprise they were “out of stock” for three consecutive days, so today I battled the giagantic traffic and visited their souk sharq branch.. hungry and craving… guess what? Ni ether this branch has organic pasta. ARRRGGHH!!

Why my obsession with organic pasta? Well the other pasta is made of “white flour” and I am not supposed to eat that.

Well, ended up eating the vegetarian meal from Marina Thai.. Pastamania’s loss is Marina Thai’s gain.


When your luck runs out…


I have heard crazy stories about how simple home appliances caused fire and the whole apartment burned down to ashes. But they are only stories you read in the newspapers, you never expect them to happen to you right? 

Last night at 3 am, I could smell something was burning,  I quickly got up and realized that the socket of my oil heater was burning, with quick thinking I was able to unplug and avert a disaster.
They say, when luck runs out all bad things happen at once.. but I am sure God watches over us.

The reason IKEA Kuwait restaurant is awesome


Agreed you don’t want to visit again because the menu is limited to very few dishees and there is no hope that something new will be added anytime soon. But the IKEA restaurant is one of my favorite places to lunch/dine peacefully.

For starters it’s a non-smoking area, so unlike the food court of The Avenues you are not chocked with the secnd hand smoke of some imbecile. And the place is really quite, with soft music playing in the backdrop. The staff is incredibly polite and the restaurant is sparkling clean. The price is very reasonable and the “limited” menu that I mentioned before is of high quality. Did I mention they have free wi-fi? So if you want to spend a quite afternoon with someone or by yourself (which is the reason I am blogging) this is an ideal place.

Oh.. P.S: don’t let your ego stop you from cleaning the table after the meal.

Hoodlums dancing at 2am in Salmiya block 10

I haven’t been sleeping well since my termination, last night I woke up to a noise coming from across the street. Some men were dancing and honking incessantly at 2 am. And worst part is they were playing Tunak Tunak by Daler Mehndi. Was able to grab a shot before they left. The video is grainy, but what worries me is security in Salmiya Block 10 is slowly deteriorating with thugs robbing people during day light, how safe are we? There has a to be one police station for each block or at least police patrol at night. 

I just got fired for not beating cancer

2665876Well, it was expected, I don’t blame my company which has been patient with me for the last two years. But I think finally they had enough of a man who is unable to beat cancer, so today I have been officially terminated from work. Though I deserve a three months notice, The company has decided not to renew my employment contract which is expiring on March 26th which also happens to be my birthday (wow this birthday is going to be a cracker already)

I am not sure If I am hurting, as the company I worked for keeps itself busy with big time charity works like donating part of its sale for earthquake relief etc. But then who cares about a small time salesman who is not bringing revenue anymore right? I guess It’s all about ‘eye candy’. Probably I should tell them “charity begins at home” but  I’m going to let it go,  as they say

Life is cruel and beautiful at times, and that’s the way it should be” 

WTH is a Zain Landing page?

zain landing pageOK the competition is fierce among ISP providers, I get that, But what I don’t get is why Zain in all its wisdom force feeds me ads which I don’t want to see. Every time I log in via Zain e-Go and click on the pages that I want to visit, Zain re-directs it to their “Landing page” I mean come on!!! I am seriously pissed off and almost on the edge to cancel my subscription.

WTH happened to Avenues Phase 1?


OK i have been out of the country for couple of months, if you remember my Grand avenue review I had advised to avoid visiting the Avenues Mall on weekends. Looks like people to it seriously (#JK). So here I am today on a Thursday, first I was shocked to see the empty lanes, next I found parking so easily, third a sore site of a shop which is shut and finally “where is the crrrrrrowd????

As I had said before Avenues is competition within, since we are not a tourist nation this was bound to happen. I hope unlike Marina Mall which didn’t care about the diminishing footfall, The Avenues Mall management will “try” to bring back footfall to phase 1 .. like seriously.

Arab Times Prints the “F” word

Hey I am back in Kuwait after my surgery and the first cycle of chemotherapy which went haywire because of some diet issues. Anyways without going into further details, I was heading to KCCC to check on the plans to continue the remaining sessions of chemo. Since KCCC is very bias to English reading people (hence does not provide English newapapers at the waiting lounge) I grabbed my favorite newspaper on my way… and was shell shocked (not really) to read the “F” word printed in the sport section.

Honestly… I so desperately want to be a proof reader at Arab Times.. like seriously!!


Where is Grey?

GreyJust in case you wondered what happened to this sick old blogger, well !! I had a lung metastasis, luckily it was one single lesion (again) so I had to fly down to India to get it removed, So here I am after a bone sparing lobectomy which I consider to be a miracle and recovering pretty well. I’ve been asked to undergo 6 cycles of folifiri chemotherapy which will commence after Christmas. Since I am down here in Maximum City a.k.a Mumbai I thought of celebrating Christmas with my family, So my wife and Son will be flying down to Mumbai this week. I won’t be blogging much since my wordpress app suddenly gone crazy and I am too lazy to access the internet on PC.

So, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year in advance.