Idiot encounters.

Just a quick word … I don’t like to be tailgated. I depise people who do that, i believe people who tailgate are self centred who lack respect for fellow human being . I also believe tailgating is equallent of sniffing someones ass.

Enough said,

Today as i was heading home from City to Salmiya ( gosh ! i dodged the camera under Maidan Hawally bridge , pew ! that was close ) .. I take the “circle” to get in to the 5th ring road. and this mofo ass-sniffer tailgates me while doing the 360. Since there was a car already infront of me i slowdown.. which inturn piss the guy off and he overtook me and stopped right infront of my car and starts to make what his mother does best ‘ talk with hands’ , asking ‘now what you gonna do’. To be honest there is not much i can do, if it got down to a brawl, i’d bruise like a peach … so i sit quite in my car.. shrugg my shoulder off , then finally after a “minute and half” when he realised that i wasn’t going to give a rats ass for a mofo like him, he moved his car and was waiting for me under the 5th ring road bridge , but “Mr peanutbrain” doesn’t know that i have to take a right before that.

Anyways that was ‘close encounter with the dumb kind’ . I learnt a big lesson .. If anyone wants to ” ass-sniff ” … just allow them.


Dude ! where is my car ?

She has given me a deadline to buy the car by this month end . So i went to Sahala @ Sharq , saw some sunny’s ,lancers camry’s , lumina’s gallants and others . Then i called my friend he said “go to Shuwaik they have better cars there “. Off i go to shuwaik , Baisaab was driving the taxi , turns out to be from Mumbai , so i asked him few thing about buying car and stuff . He gave me some valuable advice . Got off at Sahala Shuwaik and its a mess over there . I just spent exactly two minutes there and started walking towards Nissan Showroom . I didn’t realize that sun was so strong and half the way i was withering like a flower . Thought i will pass out , lucky me saw a tiny restaurant behind Safat Alganim . Had a Sprite , somehow reached the Nissan showroom . I have been there before . I want to buy a White color sunny , but the salesman was insisting me to buy the Nissan Tiida . WTF cant i buy something of my choice . on top of it they are offering me a metallic bule color Sunny , which is totally yuck !

Then I just stopped by Toyota showroom . This Georgee dude was real good to me . But seriously i cant afford to buy that darn Corolla . i mean who the F##K wants to pay 77 KD for 5 years ? ..

So back to square one , probably i will go to Sahala Again [ sharq] and buy me some car . The problem is i don’t know shit about cars and i haven’t been in drivers seat since last 7 years .

I’m totally confused . Confused because of conflicting opinions people have about different brands of cars … I dont know what to do now ! I dont even know a mechanic ..F###K !

I think i will end up gasing a Hyundai …