What an eventful day


What an eventful day? First it rained cats and dogs in the morning slowing down the traffic to an absolute halt at places, then in the afternoon severe dust-storm that I could gaze at the sun with my naked eyes.  All in one day!! Makes me wonder if the ‘weather gods’ have gone crazy.

What else is crazy? I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on Thursday, there is an accute blockage in my anal passage because of which  I am bloated and about to burst (no kidding) But I have put my complete trust in God, I don’t mind if you call me a fanatic right now. Everybody around me is wondering why I am so calm, so calm I even prayed for a lady at a restaurant in front of everyone, she’s been just diagnosed with cancer. I haven’t laughed at the face of death like this before. Guess that’s what ‘faith’ enables in you.. a courage like nothing you have ever witnessed.

So that’s it for now, keep me thoughts and  prayers.


Speeding Kills

Blogger Amu wrote about driving rules that people ‘should’ follow if they are fasting, i couldn’t agree with him less. This incident has got nothing to do with fasting,  but it’s about speeding . This morning as i was heading back home from Al Rai, as usual being a clam driver that I am (yep! i have given up speeding since Lancer is a stupid car to drive 😆 ). As soon as I crossed Bayan Palace, I wanted to change lane to the ‘4th lane’. Put up the “SIGNAL” Checked the rear view mirror, No one behind, checked the side mirror … no one. And just when i was about to cross… Zooooooooooooom, like a lightning bolt this guy crosses from 1st lane to 4th, Thank God for the good reflex, I just swirled the car to the 3rd lane agin. This guy goes back to 1st again… then back to 4th to  enter Salmiya. I assume he must be doing atleast 200km/h. I could feel my legs shake out of fear, i have never been scared ‘for my life’ in  a long long time.

Funny though, i caught up with him at the Rumaithiya traffic light. Wanted to give him the baddest, meanest, uglyiest cuss word for being a ‘wanna be murderer’ on loose.. But then I am just an alien here, so I just let it be.  After reaching home, called my wife and told her what happened. She’s glad I’m alive, I am glad I’m alive, Did kneel down and thank the Lord for this life which some one could have taken so easily.

As I was writing this got a mail alert about rayboy’s post about a accident he witnessed in front of his house. Do read it, and if you are one of those speedsters…slow down, repect life, or else may  God have mercy on your soul already.