What an eventful day


What an eventful day? First it rained cats and dogs in the morning slowing down the traffic to an absolute halt at places, then in the afternoon severe dust-storm that I could gaze at the sun with my naked eyes.  All in one day!! Makes me wonder if the ‘weather gods’ have gone crazy.

What else is crazy? I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on Thursday, there is an accute blockage in my anal passage because of which  I am bloated and about to burst (no kidding) But I have put my complete trust in God, I don’t mind if you call me a fanatic right now. Everybody around me is wondering why I am so calm, so calm I even prayed for a lady at a restaurant in front of everyone, she’s been just diagnosed with cancer. I haven’t laughed at the face of death like this before. Guess that’s what ‘faith’ enables in you.. a courage like nothing you have ever witnessed.

So that’s it for now, keep me thoughts and  prayers.


Food for the Soul

 Found this at TLC Kuwait this morning, But what I hunger for is ‘Healthy Food’ 😛

Also FYI, Harvest Festival is scheduled for Nov 17th, be there. 

Bonus Link: Attending Religious Services Linked to Better Health. 

Sooner or later we’ll all be gone

So the mom cat was away leaving behind 4 Kittens. ‘

Where is the Mommy cat? Asked the boy,

Must have gone to bring food’ I replied.

 What happened to the dead kitten? Questioned the boy again.

I paused for a while and answered ‘She must have buried him’.

What is ‘buried’ asked the 4yr old. I explained to him what happens when we die. I could see the fear in his eyes,

‘If I die will Mama bury me and Cry? I didn’t want to answer that, but he insisted, I said ‘Yes, we all will die someday, but only when we get old’

He wasn’t happy ‘When I die where will I go? Who will bring me back to life?

I said ‘We will go to heaven, God takes care of us, you don’t have to worry about it now though’ 

Then a moment of sadness, the boy has no clue that I won’t be around for long, he’s too young to understand about cancer. 

But then I don’t worry now because there is hope, Hope brings smile, and smile brings life, all you have to do is believe.

Breaking the law to worship God?

I have never understood this, and i never will, “what is the point of going to church if you are parking your car in a no parking zone”.
There is a huge ground enough to park 2000 cars near NECK Kuwait, but people always park car by the roadside. Does God accept prayers if I am breaking the law and causing inconvinience to others?