Massive fire and smoke cloud


There is a massive fire burning somewhere down south of Kuwait. I could see the smoke column as far as from Bayan palace, till i teached Avenues the smoke cloud got thicker with wind blowing towards Airport /Farwniya side. Hope its not the Kabd tire fire again. Please let me know if you know about it.


When your luck runs out…


I have heard crazy stories about how simple home appliances caused fire and the whole apartment burned down to ashes. But they are only stories you read in the newspapers, you never expect them to happen to you right? 

Last night at 3 am, I could smell something was burning,  I quickly got up and realized that the socket of my oil heater was burning, with quick thinking I was able to unplug and avert a disaster.
They say, when luck runs out all bad things happen at once.. but I am sure God watches over us.