Real men eat vegetables

Today’s been a long day; I was at KCCC at 6am just in order to get an early appointment with my oncologist. It has been 3 months since my chemotherapy was abruptly stopped after just one dose. And since then I have been simmering from within just hoping that I will remain cancer free for the rest of my days. It would be a shame if I lost this battle to cancer right?

  So as we sat at KCCC it became harder to draw a conversation as most of the patients in the waiting room prefer silence or read Holy Books. So we sat there and watched Forks Over Knives: a documentary on food on my cellphone. I don’t want to elaborate on the movie since there are plenty of reviews already, all I can say is it is one of the MUST WATCH documentaries  for people suffering from cancer. After we finished watching the movie, I held my wife’s hand and said “I can’t fight this battle alone, I need your help’ (I turned into a complete vegan over a month ago) and as a person who is  responsible our diet at home she agreed to join me in my fight against cancer. Though she promised to become a vegetarian herself I am not expecting her to change her diet for me, but at least now she knows the evils of eating meat based diet.

So yes, watch this movie, It changed my wife’s perception about diet, I am sure your life will be transformed too.