Will the real Asian Please stand up?

I wonder who writes Arab times crimes section; I guess it must be a damn tricky job to write about crime without offending people of ‘certain’ nationality. Everyday ‘Asians’ are involved in some or the other crime (mostly they are the victims), while the newspapers dutifully identifies everybody by their nationality, these ‘Asians’ do not have a nationality for some unknown reason.

For example take a look at the news item above “Asian woman hits bottle on Syrians head’ I find it incredibly bizarre that accused is referred by her race and the victim by nationality. If my geographical knowledge serves me right Syria is still in Asia, so is Japan, Lebanon, Philippines and also Kuwait. Then the title should read as ‘Asian hits bottle on Asians head’ or racially correct ‘Asian hits bottle on Arabs head’ right?  Why Arab Times (and Kuwait Times) is shy to disclose ‘Asians’ nationality? Will these ‘Asians’ get offended if the newspaper mentioned their nationality rather than racial features? 

So who are these Asians? Ask Russel Peters

Bumper Stickers

I’ve lost it , I got fined KD10/- for a tiny sticker big as a 100 fills coin that read ” champion “. How do these guys getaway ?
I believe the second picture reads ” My wife told me if i don’t quit diving she is going to divorce me , God i’m going to miss her ‘ …
What a loser !