What happens Next?

Sorry for not keeping you guys updated… Kinda had an internet withdrawal, hence didn’t write anything for the last few days.. so here’s what’s happening

* Incredibly I haven’t passed stools for the last 14 days (freaking crazy yeah?) The reason being I am on liquid diet and the colon has no strength to flush out whatever that is already in my stomach. I have lost weight like crazy, now I look like Christian bale from the Machinist.

* Biopsy report is taking ages to come, been to KCCC several times, every time they send me back giving one reason or the other. If it were in India it would take 48 hours for the biopsy report to come. Kuwait keeps surprising me.

* Trying to get my residence stamped. Can’t disclose details now, but God is making way in mysterious ways. When it happens will let you know.

*Stomach is distended, last week took two enema’s but nothing happened, even the enema water stayed inside. Think my stomach is really upset about the ill treatment I gave it (by eating junk)

* Went to KCCC to get my stomach flushed, after taking X-ray doctors said ‘don’t come back unless you are vomiting or in severe pain. Since both has not happened I am still at home not knowing what is next.

* Faith is at its peak, God has been working miracles left and right, Will need a separate blog to write it all down.

* Today my son is graduating at Bhavan’s, He’s in UKG, Praying to God that He keeps me in the land of the living to see him graduate from college.

That’s it for now, Keep in me prayers, Don’t know what is the next step, pray that God reveals it at the earliest and eases my discomfort.


Sooner or later we’ll all be gone

So the mom cat was away leaving behind 4 Kittens. ‘

Where is the Mommy cat? Asked the boy,

Must have gone to bring food’ I replied.

 What happened to the dead kitten? Questioned the boy again.

I paused for a while and answered ‘She must have buried him’.

What is ‘buried’ asked the 4yr old. I explained to him what happens when we die. I could see the fear in his eyes,

‘If I die will Mama bury me and Cry? I didn’t want to answer that, but he insisted, I said ‘Yes, we all will die someday, but only when we get old’

He wasn’t happy ‘When I die where will I go? Who will bring me back to life?

I said ‘We will go to heaven, God takes care of us, you don’t have to worry about it now though’ 

Then a moment of sadness, the boy has no clue that I won’t be around for long, he’s too young to understand about cancer. 

But then I don’t worry now because there is hope, Hope brings smile, and smile brings life, all you have to do is believe.

Speeding Kills

Blogger Amu wrote about driving rules that people ‘should’ follow if they are fasting, i couldn’t agree with him less. This incident has got nothing to do with fasting,  but it’s about speeding . This morning as i was heading back home from Al Rai, as usual being a clam driver that I am (yep! i have given up speeding since Lancer is a stupid car to drive 😆 ). As soon as I crossed Bayan Palace, I wanted to change lane to the ‘4th lane’. Put up the “SIGNAL” Checked the rear view mirror, No one behind, checked the side mirror … no one. And just when i was about to cross… Zooooooooooooom, like a lightning bolt this guy crosses from 1st lane to 4th, Thank God for the good reflex, I just swirled the car to the 3rd lane agin. This guy goes back to 1st again… then back to 4th to  enter Salmiya. I assume he must be doing atleast 200km/h. I could feel my legs shake out of fear, i have never been scared ‘for my life’ in  a long long time.

Funny though, i caught up with him at the Rumaithiya traffic light. Wanted to give him the baddest, meanest, uglyiest cuss word for being a ‘wanna be murderer’ on loose.. But then I am just an alien here, so I just let it be.  After reaching home, called my wife and told her what happened. She’s glad I’m alive, I am glad I’m alive, Did kneel down and thank the Lord for this life which some one could have taken so easily.

As I was writing this got a mail alert about rayboy’s post about a accident he witnessed in front of his house. Do read it, and if you are one of those speedsters…slow down, repect life, or else may  God have mercy on your soul already.

Sorry ! I’m Busy !

Isn’ life hard? With so many things to do and so less time? For  me, I’m a very social person, socializing takes so much of time. ANd its really tiresome, sometimes just when i’m done socializing on Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 , reply to Comments on my Blogs etc etc … and i am just about to leave…. damn ! didn’t check the twitter, DIDN”T CHECK THE TWITTER??? … So put up the sign on my gtalk as BRB … but still  IM’s pop out  even the red light is on! Probably I have faked it so much,everyone knows by now that  i’m so useless that  i’m faking a  ‘Busy’  sign 😀

Anyways BRB … somethings come up ! think there is a message on twi…

An ode to my mother .

My Mom Joined the Sugar Factory … if you know what i mean … No?
Finally at the age of 63 she got diabetes and is admitted in the hospital, if you think i am joking at my Mom’s illness, i am not , it had to happen someday given the family history of Both of her parents and 7 siblings had diabetes in thier early 40’s . She was the only who not had diabetes …. untill now . I spoke to her ,Asked her how she was , She was in full spirits as usual, I was breaking and she was the one who was giving courage , then she asked me, ” Please don’t tell anyone that i have Diabetes ” .. I asked her “why? ” . … She said ” i dont want people to sympathize me over this, its not something serious , good news is now i have to dip my finger in ‘Chai’ to make it sweet, dont have to buy sugar anymore ‘ .
Thats my mother, laughing even when the chips are down , I salute the courageous woman who was burdend by Asthama and a alcholic husband her entire life ( and put up with my disasterous teen years ) .
I love you Mom .
I dont say it enough ,
But i do love you .

The way life (should) have been.

Looking back, i have regrets on a lot of things. My childhood is one. Lack of guidance by parents is the one reason i missed out on so many things that i wanted to do. Well, they sure have thier reasons to justify for ‘ not being there’.
Looking forward, I want my Kid(s) to achieve everything that i couldn’t. I don’t wish for greatness, just the simple things of life. But i must learn from others, a friend, who had similar childhood like mine has enrolled her two kids to almost everything . Karate, Singing, Dancing, swimming , you name it, and the kids look exausted and are clearly missing the ‘fun’ of childhood.
I know its too early for me to think such things becuase my firstborn is just 7 month old. Hope some day my son won’t write a post titled, ” i regret missing my childhood”

I saw a Ghost last night

My father used to tell me his strange encounters with the the dead , how he had survived a tall ghost who tried to beat him on a highway and he had to drive his motorbike through his legs, i don’t know if it was any truth or not . I grew up in a village surrounded by thick jungle and heard stories of ‘ she got possesed, he saw a ghost , that house is haunted , there is a ghost on that hill stuff like that’ but i never experienced anything personally. But last night i did..

My wife , Drooley was asleep, AJ got up at 3am and started to cry. No matter what i did to comfort him , he was inconsolable, these days for some ‘strange reason’ he keeps staring at the wall next to the window, at times he cries , but most of the times laughs staring at the wall, Me and Drooley are thinking that it must be some kind of friendly poltergiest , Casper or something.

anyway back to the story, he was looking at the wall and crying bitterly , so i thought of changing place, so took him to the hall , put him on the sofa, sat next to him on the floor and dozed off, must have slept for couple of minutes and suddenly i heard huge footsteps and i woke up to see a figure in ‘white dress’ with hair scattered on its face rushing towards me in lightining speed , just the stuff shown on ‘Evid Dead’ and i screamed Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiii ( mother)… And the figure came closer , caught hold of my shoulder…..shook my shoulder



It was the Droolster….

When i dozed off, AJ was crying and she heard his cry from the bedroom ( and i didn’t :D) so she came running to the hall , and she was wearning a white night dress .. it all happened so fast,sooo fast, it beat the living shit out of me,
Anyhoo… It was not a pleasent scene to face the ‘Drool monster’ in the morning … So embarassing.

Well to be honest , here is a confession ( to self) ” i am not as brave as i thought i used to be.”