Food Matters: “You are what you eat”

Would you change your life style if you knew that 10 years down the line you would be diagnosed with some terminal disease? I have answered it before, had someone told me the same when I was 28, I would have said “pfffft” . But anyways, hoping that it’s not too late, ever since I have heard the phrase  “You are what you eat” I am leaving no stones unturned to fight this out. I am so astonished for the fact that all the information that we need is “out there” but I/we never cared to look at it until the shit hit the fan. Today I watched ‘Food Matters’ on youtube, yet another eye-opening movie about diet. I highly recommend you to watch it if you are (or know someone) suffering  from obesity or cancer related sickness.


Are Kuwait Blogs making you fat?

This question has been on my mind for a while now, are bloggers responsible for weight gain?

 I know it’s a weird question, a stupid one rather, but let’s face it; in the absence of ‘entertainment’ all we do is ‘eat & eat & eat’ then post reviews about it.At least 2 out of 10 blogs on (which is a Kuwait blog aggregator) are food related. Since almost everyone is a food reviewer (including me, huh) we’ve been posting pictures about “that latest junk food outlet” which can induce you an instant heart attack.

But like smoking cigarettes, eating junk food is a choice right? Even if the review is mouth-watering and gave you a massive food orgasm, you have a choice not to eat it and control your weight right?

But is it possible to gain weight just by reading food blogs? I know that sounds crazy but since Google has answer for everything under the sun, I ran a search ‘Does reading food blogs make you fat’?

And here’s what I found.

A study by the Endocrine Society in Houston, Texas, has found that just looking at rich, sumptuous food images stimulates the appetite and reward centers of the brain, making the viewer hungry – the same way sugar spikes the appetite. And the higher the calorie count on the food shown, the greater the resulting hunger and desire. (Source)

So again, Are Kuwait bloggers responsible for your weight gain? 😆

What fat have you fed your child today?

According to a survey by MasterCard, Gulf consumers were the top three spenders on restaurants — UAE diners spent an average of US$229 per month, Qataris averaged US$211 per month, and Kuwaitis spent US$196 per month. The same survey found that 88% of respondents said they dined in shopping mall food courts. 

Last week I met a Kuwaiti customer whom I have known for last 10 years. He had lost weight considerably, after much hesitation I asked him, Is everything OK? You seem to have lost a lot of weight.

He smiled and said ‘Really? Do I look better now?

I replied ‘Yes, You must be on a very strict diet’

“No, I underwent surgery and had my intestine removed, now I can not eat like before, so I am losing weight. Finally I am happy to buy clothes in shops other than Kit-Kat” He went on and on about how life had changed for him after losing weight. 

After he left, I paused for a moment, recently I had read about Kuwait being the second fattest country in the world after the USA, I wondered if this is the price we are paying for gorging on junk food in utter ignorance about the outcome. Removing the intestine to lose weight? REALLY??? Has it come this far that Kuwaiti’s and Expats now have to remove intestine to get off junk food and live a better life? 

Recently my colleague told me how his son wouldn’t eat dinner without fries and fizzy drinks. I am not surprised, I too lived a unhealthy lifestyle until two years ago when I was diagnosed with colon cancer  (Yep it took me a cancer to get off junk food) The fast food industry is already huge in Kuwait, every street has a junk food outlet, but this is just the tip of the iceberg; the (junk) food industry is planning to engulf Kuwait in a gigantic way.  If this report is true, in the next five years Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries will witness unparalleled increase of junk food outlets.

But I don’t blame the fat food industry, we only have ourselves to blame, like cigarettes, junk food too is a choice, if we don’t wake up now, our children will live shorter lives than us. 

An Inconvenient Truth

To some of you this post is going to suck ! to some it may bite in the @– .. This morning i saw An Inconvenient Truth.. by Al Gore… are you Bored already ? ……

I never liked Al Gore.. I have been Bush’s biatch for no reason … Which infact i regret now..Anyways lets not try to be political here.. This movie really convinced me and i say “as G_D is my witness… i got up from my chair and switched off the lights and opened the curtains ” … . I always thought a little wastage of energy wouldn’t hurt anybody… But i am terrified at the thought that the energy we are wasting today will drown us one day… i mean…. literally. When the sea level will rise, Kuwait among other nation with low sea level will disappear… So will be “my house” back home …. I highly recommend you guys watch this movie… It’s an eye opener ….Together we can make a difference…

Now for some other Inconvenient truth.. i was just passing by “KIT KAT” and saw this huge mannequin… that must be XXXXXL… i mean WTF… do people really wear that huge ? The answer is ‘ They wear even bigger ‘.. Standing here in MM.. i watch people of all size and color [ some artificial color which can be peeled with a scraper ] Most of them are ‘MaashaAllah Shoyya Mitheen’ . Sometimes mothers come to me and ask for ‘Akbar Mugas’ [men’s size] for her 10 year old son… I mean how big can be a 10 year old can be ?… And the answer is BIG , VERY BIG”.
Today’s news paper i saw in Spain the court took away a 10 year old boy “Oviedo” from his grandparents and place him in foster care to lose wieght….. because they over fed him so much he weighed a friggin 100KG… I wonder if that same rule applied here in Kuwait….how many “Kallud , Abbud , Allawi ,Amanni” will be taken away to ‘fat camp’… What scares me is the pride of the mothers who beam with joy because their 10 year old but 100KG child is “MaashaAllah shoyya Mitheeen“… Why can’t people open thier eyes and realize by over feeding your child you will only kill him soon ? Wake up people !!
I have decided !!!! Next time someone comes asking me for a ‘Akbar Mugas [biggest size] for a ten year old i will send them to a Khaima shop.