Dear “The Avenues”


Dear The Avenues,

Asking people to smoke in “designated area” is like asking people to swim in the non-clorinated area of the swimming pool.

P.S Second hand smoke causes cancer and other diseses.

Yours Truly,
Grey (a cancer patient)


Why Carrefour (Avenues) Coffee Shop is a Toxic workplace

I thought of picking up my groceries from Carrefour –Avenues instead of Lulu Hyper  as I haven’t been to Carrefour for a while now. To begin with the day hadn’t gone well so far as the doctor at Al Razi asked my son to keep the cast for 10 more days just to make sure that the broken bone would heal completely. To add misery to the bad day big confusion at Carrefour as they have revamped the store  and moved every item to a different place. I couldn’t find the items that I needed at their usual place hence got seriously mind-effed trying to locate Lipton Tea.

After we finished shopping me & the Kid thought of having some snacks at Carrefour Coffee Shop as my kid was very hungry. But the ‘disgusting stench’ emanating from people smoking at the doorstep stopped us from entering the coffee shop,  it was THAT bad. I felt pity for the staff working at the coffee shop as I assume Carrefour Kuwait management does not give a squat about the health of their workers who will suffer from deadly diseases like Cancer or Cardiac problems because of Second hand smoke / Side stream smoke in the long run. It’s sad that these employees have no option but to inhale carcinogenic smoke for 9hours a day non-stop as this place is crowded throughout the day (normally occupied by mall employees)

But then this is not just the case of one Coffee shop in Kuwait, despite of blanket ban on smoking in public places Coffee shops are the ‘designated smoking areas’ for unknown reason. What is more unfortunate is that none of the so-called ‘reputed’ coffee shops in Kuwait ban smoking in their premises for the fear of losing business even at risking lives of their employees.

Quite appalling don’t you think?

Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe

Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe .. I am feeling sick. There is something wrong with me, it’s the third day since I have been working the night shift during Ramadan. First, I am so weak since the liver surgery that I don’t have the stamina in me anymore to sit late nights, especially when the night shift during Ramadan nds at 1am, I am exhausted  by the time I reach home. 5 hours of sleep during last two days has already taking its toll on my body. Today I can barely keep my eyes open at work.

Second, I am worried, so worried that depression is written all over my face. Marina mall is filled with ignorant imbeciles who are forcing Second hand/ sidestream smoke into my fragile lungs. Not enough that they are smoking in the corridors sometimes they even come inside the shop with cigarettes. Also Friday’s dust storm left me wondering what if the air that I am breathing is killing me? So I ran a search, according to this blog I am doomed, Kuwait ranks among 10 most polluted cities in the world beacuse of all the smoke from refineries and dust storm. I wonder if this is the reason KCCC is full of cancer patients every morning.

What choice do I have now? I can quit my retail job and find a job in a non-smoking environment (or sit at home even but I have no clue about the pollution in the air that I breathe outside the mall. God help us all…

Picture courtesy Blogger Mathai .