Thick Fog cover over Kuwait


What an incredibly foggy day!! Could barely see 20 meters at 5 pm, had to cancel an important meeting at Mangaf, couldnt risk driving all the way and back with such low visibility. Nonetheless traffic was even more dangerous with reckless drivers zigzagging through the slwo traffic. Hope not many accidents happened today as most people opted to stay indoors.


Massive taffic jam on 5th ring road

Been stuck on the That5th ring road for almost 20 minutes now, traffic has come to an absolute standstill. Guess it must be an accident, couple of police cars and a “tow” truck passed by. Also people are driving on emergency lane.

UPDATE: Traffic has eased now, It was a volkswagon polo that caught fire (couldn’t take the picture) in the middle of the road, assuming no one got hurt because I didn’t see an ambulance.

A fool named Grey

I think my car is magnet. Since morning i have had four instances where people try to cut lane as if my car was pulling them to my lane .
And i have been a bitch this morning given some bad things that happend to me with a imposter last night .
I want to punch someone in the face today . im that pissed at being conned by this momafook.

Anyways is it just me or its the latest fashion among men ? the 300 beard is in style all of a sudden… and i think its sexy ( sexy is the new cool )Spartaaaaaaaaaaa… Where is my Biscquit?

Runnin low on battey … panic makes you forget the notebook charger

Speeding Kills , so does stupidity .

Entering Salmiya during Eid holidays is a nightmare as you all know it . I was late to work so i was speeding at 15kmph * duh * . Near Al Salam building i found the signal to be green , but strangley though the car ahead of me stopped . Now who da spuck in his sane mind stops in the middle of the traffic light?? So i decieded to overtake him from his right . And then all hell broke lose . This sexy mama with her infant sleeping inside the pram was crossing the road at 0kmph . I pressed breaks and stopped a yard away from her . And she was like ‘ i dare you hit my baby mothaf… ” . And the signal turned red . Now i am not sure if there is a camera at that perticular traffic post . If there is one then i’m screwed big time . But honestly i don’t blame her . Probably Kuwait is the only place in the world which does not like pedestrians . Thats why nowhere in Kuwait ( may be in Salhiya ) there are pedestrian crossings signals ( the walk sign ) . If you are planning to cross the road at any traffic light in Kuwait you are at the mercy of the speeding driver who just wants to make it to the other side even if the signal is red . Pew ! today was a very bad day , i can’t imagine killing a baby and its mother . But then the stupid mama is at bigger fault .. probably she delivered her brains as well , otherwise she wouldnt be crossing the signal while it is still effing green. .

Idiot encounters.

Just a quick word … I don’t like to be tailgated. I depise people who do that, i believe people who tailgate are self centred who lack respect for fellow human being . I also believe tailgating is equallent of sniffing someones ass.

Enough said,

Today as i was heading home from City to Salmiya ( gosh ! i dodged the camera under Maidan Hawally bridge , pew ! that was close ) .. I take the “circle” to get in to the 5th ring road. and this mofo ass-sniffer tailgates me while doing the 360. Since there was a car already infront of me i slowdown.. which inturn piss the guy off and he overtook me and stopped right infront of my car and starts to make what his mother does best ‘ talk with hands’ , asking ‘now what you gonna do’. To be honest there is not much i can do, if it got down to a brawl, i’d bruise like a peach … so i sit quite in my car.. shrugg my shoulder off , then finally after a “minute and half” when he realised that i wasn’t going to give a rats ass for a mofo like him, he moved his car and was waiting for me under the 5th ring road bridge , but “Mr peanutbrain” doesn’t know that i have to take a right before that.

Anyways that was ‘close encounter with the dumb kind’ . I learnt a big lesson .. If anyone wants to ” ass-sniff ” … just allow them.